Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Wednesday 1st September 2010 Eagle Feast!

At 6.00am this morning i heard the sound of raindrops falling on the roof.

Ahhh no i thought not a horrible miserable rainy day, thats not what Met check said, my trusted weather provider.

Well by 8.00am the cloudbase was high and the rain well a past memory.

A busy day tour ahead a full bus x8 guests all wanting their taste of Mull Wildlife.

So what did they want Eagles and Eagles seemed to be the main theme so Eagles it was!.

Our first stop was very lucky i must admit. As we scanned the shoreline i was busy telling our guests all about the Sea -Eagle program when all suddenly every bird in the district took to the air.

A flock of Greylags had also taken to the air around 60-70 and the noise was just electric, well amazing.

We scanned and picked up the problems WTSE hunting the shore and heading back to the safety of the conifers.

Is that a pet Eagle you have trained to do this a guest commented!.

A perfect example of luck combined with right place and right time i added.

Nice sightings of the usual Oystercatchers and a couple of nice Curlew, Common Gull and the frantic views of flying Geese.

The Guests busy at work.

The next few stops were very quiet to be honest with not a lot to report so i worried the guests with rockfall stories and a quick stop at Tragedy Rock a well know landmark on the island.

A quick stop for coffee and Tea we moved on the nest spot. Wheatear numbers have fallen away during the last week the next stop was buzzing with them but today empty.

Stonechat, Pair Red Throated divers but very distant views.

I always feel a touch of sadness saying goodbye to some of our migrants.

See you again next year!

Around the corner we stopped and scanned the cliffs nothing much to report.

Then a mile down the road the fun began. It started with the sighting of an overhead eagle so we stopped pulled off the road for a closer look.

Then 7 or 8 Ravens then another Eagle it was all happening.

I assume there must have been a carcass somewhere over the ridge and the Ravens didnt seem happy about giving it up!

Then turning behind us a juvenile WTSE and just 25 feet above our heads. We certainly didnt need binoculars for that one.

Then the Guests shouted Eagle and x2 Adult WTSE joined in the fun the Ravens tried to intercept them providing an excellent aerial display.

Then another guest shouted Eagles and we had just been joined by a pair of Goldies.

We had at this moment in time 3 WTSE in the air and 2 Goldies and a whole bunch of Ravens it was chaos.

Everyone struggled to keep up with the action. Best Eagle display i have seen for ages.

Calming down we took lunch and headed for Otters. All very quiet then a voice shouted is that one!

Yes it  was but there was a photographer on the shore and then i spotted another Tour operator watching this Otter from further down the road.

Being fair i wasnt going to pull over get out with x8 people and spoil it for them.

We pulled in further down the road and at least the guests got distant views of the Otter as it fished its way out of sight.

A good day a real Eagle Feast but lacking on our bird species count. It was very quiet everywhere birdwise today in our usual haunts.

Mull In Focus.

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