Tuesday, 14 September 2010

15th September 2010 Mixed Bag!

Well its been a mixed bag here on Mull.

Yesterday it rained for nearly 24 hours and eventually stopped.

The rivers in spate and the waterfalls are just stunning after rainfall like that!

Just the other morning after taking a look at the Mull Birds website http://www.mullbirds.com/

 I just could not help myself an Opsrey had been recorded fishing on Lochdon for a period of around 9-10 days.

Met check warned me of the heavy rain to come so i just had to get up there and check it out!.

Might be my only chance.

At 6.00am i left avoiding the Red Deer which always want to cross the road in front of you.

On arrival the light was terrible but then over my head came the Osprey couldnt have hoped for better timing.

The bird prospected the loch for a few minutes turning and putting on a magnificant display for me!.

Must say i was very chuffed!.

The Tide was very full and not ideal for a hunting Osprey and it headed off in a southeast direction towards Grasspoint and Loch Spelve.

Alan commented that the bird has now probably left for Africa and i had these thoughts also with the bad weather quickly approaching.

So i saw my Osprey and said goodbye from all of us good luck my freind and have a safe flight.

Its Websites like Mull Birds that provide up to date information on sightings and give us all the chance and pleasure of seeing these magnificant birds.

The Smaller spring stags are starting to find their voices i heard a few murmers the last couple of days.

The rut is rapidly approaching and groups of hinds are starting to occupy areas.

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