Monday, 20 September 2010

Monday September 20th 2010 Wow that was just amazing!

Today i made my way past the local loch all was very quiet no cars no people. I spotted the local Otters swimming together they seemed to be enjoying themselves too!.

Slowed down but never intended to stop. Then something caught my eye yes a White Tailed Heading straight towards me.

Well i had to stop and have a closer look. The Otters carried on Swimming and fishing and one of them surfaced with a nice fish to eat!.

The White-Tailed headed closer and then closer and then a stoop Wow!. The Otters Both dived the Eagle turned and circled.

Otters Popped up and again in came the Eagle. I had heard about this behaviour before but never managed to see it for myself.

The Eagle tried three times in vain to take the Otters prize but the Otters won the day.

Reckon the cub must have said what was all that about Mum!

The Otters came straight into the shore with their prize and just vanished.

The White Tailed Landed on a near by rock and stayed observing the scene. I think we both wondered how two Otters vanished into thin air!

Well after 5-10 mins the Eagle gave up and gently took off and flew back across the loch.

It was all over in a few minutes but what a spectacle and one i will remember forever !.

Guess i just got lucky!

Local Mull Otters Close Bond.

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