Saturday, 18 September 2010

September 18th When is a Buzzard not a Buzzard!

During the last few days at various locations my binoculars have been trained on the sky when a little voice says but how can you tell if its a Buzzard or Sea-Eagle, they all look the same to me!

Well heres my attempt just for you Gary.

I know when they are just tiny dots in the sky its difficult but there are differences some of which i have pointed out below.

Buzzards really do have a different wing profile than WTSE.

Autumn is very much here shorter days combined with colder evenings.

Even the Bracken looks nice with different colous brightening the landscape.

Not really a Bracken lover, It spreads rapidly, Harbours the ticks that bite me, Cuts my hands when i try to pull it up, and produces Carcinogenic spores yuk hate the stuff.

Not sure if Bracken or Midges are my least favourite   hmmmm   No i will go for Midges although a valuable food supply for the rest of the food chain.

Cant we develop a new strain which cant bite!

Exhibit 1 White Tailed Sea-Eagle in Profile.

Long Protruding Head
Very Rectangular wing. (Deep)
Distinct Saw Toothed trailing edge.
Long Fingers.
Short White Tail

Glides on very flat wings.

Wingspan  2.0-2.45m

Common Buzzard.

Buzzard Dark wrist patches.
Narrower Wing.
Short Head.
Soars with Raised wings.
Wedge shaped tail.

Wingspan 1.13m-1.28m

Greylag Geese grazing on Mull.

The numbers of Greylag Geese seem to increase  by the year.

Should we be worried i will let you ponder!

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