Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Tuesday 7th September 2010. Singing in the Rain!

Well the brief spell of hot summer has come to an abrupt end.

The last couple of days here on Mull have been very windy and today showers which were very heavy at times.

Some of the local swallows have left us and we wish them well on their journey to Africa wouldnt mind a trip myself!

Loch Scridain tide and gathering wind.

The Red Deer hinds are starting to gather. I spotted a group of around 35 grazing today.

Wont be long before the younger Spring stags start paying attention and hanging around.

Enjoy their time while it lasts the bigger stags wont be interested for another 2-3 weeks.

But when they do they certainly wont accept the advances of smaller Spring stags laying claim to their patch and the youngsters will be sent packing!

Great day for Eagles today during the cloudy spells their was lots of action in the skies and around the island had sightings of WTSE, Goldies and a magnificant Peregrine falcon one of my favourites.

Otters resting after fishing the Loch.
The Local Otters have provided excellent viewing and well rain they just carry on as normal.

Had to laugh today came across a photographer stood in the road and he kept turning and looking from one side to the other.

I just had to ask him what he was doing!.

The trouble with Mull he added there's WTSE up there and on the other side an Otter sat on the rocks i never know which way to look next!

Curlew Loch Spelve.

Glad to say he managed good views of both subjects.

A few nice Curlew at Loch Spelve and a nice group of Oystercatchers around 20 in number.

Reports of Common dolphins in loch Scridain last few days.

I consider myself unlucky with Dolphin sightings i have to admit.

Well lets go pack up the van a taking a group out tommorrow on another exciting wildlife Tour of Mull.

I love my job because you never quite know whats round the next corner.

Latest news an Osprey has been spotted fishing around Lochdon, last few days on an incoming tide so if your around that area lookout!

Cant wait!

Michael Leigh-Mallory

Mull In Focus.

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