Friday, 3 September 2010

Friday September 3rd 2010 Tropical Weather pour me a cocktail!

The Last few days here on Mull have been simply stunning. Sunshine ,Sunshine and well more Sunshine.
Oban yesterday not a million miles away recorded the highest temperature in the UK.

The swallows are starting to gather on the telegraph wires and i think just sitting around enjoying the sunshine.

I feel however that when this lovely spell of weather breaks most will be packing their bags and heading off to even more sunshine elsewhere.

Swallow Copyright Michael Leigh-Mallory 2010.
Lots of the birds around the island are moulting and tend to hide away just that little bit more.

John had a nice sighting of an Otter fishing in one of the freshwater lochs on a journey up to Craignure just the other day.

The Otters are so versatile and we are fortunate to have good numbers on the island.

Speckled wood Butterflies, Peacocks and a sighting of the Red Admiral this week.

The Mull stags are now wandering alone having split from the batchelor herds that are found earlier in the year.

Their Manes more pronounced and are busy gathering a breath before the Rut begins!.

Hormones building they change from a docile creature into something very different!

The Evening light and some spectacular sunsets are the order of the day at present. Down on the Ross of Mull they are particuarly special.

River Cauldoir settling after spate. Michael Leigh-Mallory Copyright 2010.

Hoping to unpack my fishing rod at some point very soon.

Theres nothing quite like a fishing session to relax the mind and cleanse the soul,

And sometimes you might even catch supper!

Thistle symbol of Scotland.

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