Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tuesday 24th August 2010. Otter feast!

Well the rain has given way to a breezy and Sunny afternoon.

Just sat chatting with a friend when an Adult White Tailed Eagle came to say hello!.

Flew over our heads and very low!.

The contrast between the bird and the trees was just amazing. She really is a magnificant and regal bird and why anyone would ever think of poisoning them is beyond me!

Spent a lot of time filming a family of Otters and just trying to go through some of the film archive.

All pictures on todays blogpost are stills taken directly from film,

These are the views our customers get using our modern equipment and High-Definition screen.

Tommorrow i promise something different than Otters but they are one of my favourites.

All images Copyright Michael Leigh-Mallory 2010.

Playtime this session last for over 5 minutes and its easy to see why Otters are firmly one of the nations favourites.

This Mum and her cub really do seem to have a special bond.

The closeness and warmth and affection shown for each other is plain for all to see.


Give me a break trying to have a sleep!

Oh what big teeth you have!

I never wanted that Crab anyway.....!

Here i am Otter surfaces from a dive.

Back to the food larder for some more tasty fishy things!

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