Monday, 23 August 2010

Monday 23rd August 2010. Singing in the Rain its glorious if your a duck but maybe not a Heron!

Well today the rain started falling and well continued and didnt stop all day so it was kinda difficult.

The views of the rivers and waterfalls are however outstanding.

Small trickles turn into raging rivers very quickly.

Creates an intense atmosphere of vision and sound!

So not much to report really this evening.

A couple of WTSE eagles flying a short sortie as the rain eased this evening.

Couple of Red Deer stags with some strands of velvet hanging the Autumn Rut is approaching fast!

Nice display from a passing flock of Redshanks.

Picked up a very wet Heron looked like it had just been through a wash and then spin cycle in a washing machine looked very fed up with the whole situation.

Didnt seem to be having much success fishing. Being so wet i think it was kinda thinking of jumping straight in after the fish.

A local Otter 25 metres away wasnt bothered by the rain and just looked happy as ever going about its business of fishing and very successfully i might add to the Herons dismay!


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