Saturday, 21 August 2010

Saturday 21st August 2010.

No Customers today so a chance for me to catch up with filming the local Otter family.

Over a peroid of around 6 hours the total number of spots was 8 Otters but i must admit some of these were of the same animal.

The Otter archive is building so watch the website later in the year when i put the Otter clips together.

Today i was thinking about my friends down in Devon. The Badgers in particular, we used to feed up to 10 Badgers every evening and i suppose operate a lazy mans badger watch. Just lie on the sofa upon the patio doors and well they just turn up like clockwork and have provided many years entertainment for visitors and friends.

I do miss them lots!.

Heres a picture of a few of them.

They become very tame and i used to sit right next to them only a couple of feet away.

No Badgers here in Mull Though or Foxes so the chickens look a liitle more relaxed!

Otters however do enjoy a bit of  the Colonels KFC every now and again though.

Sat chatting with a fellow tour operator Brian this afternoon always good to catch up. With that the Juvenile White Tailed soared over the trees behind us nice to see the bird is now adventuring more and spreading its wings.

Wont be long before we can all track this Eagle as this bird has a satellite tag fitted and we can all watch progress at the RSPB Mull Eagles website.

Just a picture i took a few weeks ago whilst out and about these birds really do look magnificant against a dark background such as trees conifers or the slope of a nearby mountain as a backdrop.

White Tailed Sea-Eagle Copyright Michael Leigh-Mallory 2010
Makes a change from the dark shape of an overhead eagle, very dark against an often very bright sky.

Road leading into Glen More the gateway to wildlife paradise!

Over many years i always enjoyed at this cattle grid for me it was the entry point to the Wildlife paradise that Mull Offers.

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