Saturday, 28 August 2010

Saturday 28th August 2010. Whats next on the menu!

Today has proved to be a challenging day. Sunshine showers, Then Wind then back to summer it really has been hard to keep up!.

Started the day with great Otter spots Bitch and 2 cubs and then a little later another family Bitch and x1 cub so that was the Otters sorted.

Managed to find a Golden Eagle sat high on the cliff not sure if he or she was enjoying the rain just sat there waiting for the skies to clear.

This Red Deer hind posed for us just the other day, very relaxed and not bothered by us at all. The stags have shed their velvet and the colour of the antlers on Mull are very dark compared to the Red Deer found in places such as Exmoor and the Quantock hills in the Southwest of the UK.

The peat helps to darken them and this darkens even further as the year progresses. During th rut in October stags are continually scent marking and rubbing their proud weapons in the wet peaty soil.

Red Deer Hind. Copyright Michael Leigh-Mallory 2010

Our Local Sea-Eagle family put in a great show as they soared over the house at low level. Its the first time i have seen them all flying together.

Lets hope this chick has a better future than (Oran) the Male chick that fledged from this nest last year.

Oran is still missing and no data being recieved from his satellite tag.

The Hares put on a great display a couple of days back as well. We counted x6 in one field they really are one of my favourites.

Mull Hare Copyright Michael Leigh-Mallory 2010.

Carl Zeiss sponsored Mull In Focus earlier in 2010 and since this we are able to supply all of our customers with the best optics available.

In a small box unopened a Carl Zeiss Fotoadapter has been sat there waiting, crying out to be used.

After looking at some of the cracking images posted by keen birders using the Carl Zeiss Victory Diascope 85* I just have to get out there and give it a go.

So just awaiting my mount so i can connect my Canon 7D (DSLR) directly to the scope and i will give it a go!.

The blog will consist of pictures taken exclusively with the Zeiss equipment  Digiscoping style once i work out how to use it properly.

Digiscoping is a real art and it might be a bit of time before i work out the best settings but hey we like a challenge.

So watch this space for some Mull wildlife with Zeiss digiscoping.

Mull In Focus.

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